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It’s easy to send them in the internet as an e-mail attachments, as it pertains to comparatively small files for example text files or graphics saved as jpgs or gifs. Unfortunately, using conventional FTP (file transfer protocol) techniques may be very unsatisfactory for a few reasons. First of all, the time required to upload files […]

Today, large businesses and multinational businesses are flourishing on instantaneous client communication. Whenever some information is required by clients, it’s promptly sent to ensure not to lose them. However, the issue occurs when tremendous info needs to be provided to customers at the earliest possible time. As a result services usually do not allow attachments […]

Use of web hosting services is getting very popular among the people in the market. You can also use a web-hosting website to send large files from one place to the other place. The limit of bandwidth is one of the most important factors in choosing a hosting package. Your site will be hit sooner […]

People often wonder why they are not able to send large data files using email services. The reason behind this drawback is that email service provides allow only 20MB of data for uploading. However, we can easily send big sized files through some other alternatives. If you want to know more about such alternative, you […]