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Today, people are very busy at work; they’re going to work at day at home and late in the evening. For dog owner this is not a perfect activity since dogs need attention, time and proper instruction from the owner. Not only for working, when it’s time for vacation sometimes you can’t just take the […]

If you are arranging a holiday in the coming months and you are also the owner of a single pet or several, now’s the time to start thinking of alternative pet care when you are away. You’re fortunate enough if you have a family member or even a great neighbor that is certainly ready to […]

It is understandable that the market is causing many pet sitters to stress through the effect it’s going to have on business. Fortunately, people from rich background are spending on pets and they want their pets to look good in front of other pets. To maintain the achievement of your pet sitting service: a) Alter […]

Dog boarding is a safe home for your dog in your absence. Boarding with a kennel should provide your dog with a safe environment while giving you peace of mind as you tend to your business. Within your community itself, there should be plenty of word of mouth regarding suitable boarding. Be sure to keep […]

I have recently been spending some time in my area pet retail stores in an effort to find some unique and fun gifts for the four-legged members of my family. I have purchased a fair amount of Dingo’s Dog Treats in the past, as these are my dogs’ favorite treat. There is something that they […]

Puppies do not only have short attention span, they do not have full control of their bladder as well. Thus explains why housebreaking a puppy is one of the most challenging tasks a dog owner may face. But that fact shouldn’t discourage you from housebreaking your pup, or worse, from ever owning a dog. You […]

Shipping Pets Abroad

August 8th, 2012

There are very lots of individuals around who’re pretty attached to their dogs. Some of them cant bear the truth of leaving their dogs behind when going for company trips or vacations. When you are one of individuals those who cant bear the thought of leaving your dogs behind then listed below are some shipping […]