Diatomaceous Earth Effects

Posted October 30th, 2012 by melau

One of the Nature’s great superfoods is considered to be diatomaceous earth, or DE. Being the fossilized remains of an algae, diatomaceous earth consists of silica in proportion of 80 to 90%. Silica or silicon, on its own, is a naturally occurring mineral that is present in the human body at all times. It is an essential element for our bodies to remain healthy and cleansed. More than this, as it has been called the youth mineral, silica maintains strong bones, healthy and good looking hair, nails and skin. The collagen’s main composition is made of this compound.

It seems that as a body grows old, its natural reserves of silicon start to considerably drop. That’s why people in their senior years no longer have beautiful hair, skin or nails. It is essential, for those who no longer have their silicon levels on normal, to take a supplementation. DE is perfect to provide the body all the silicon it needs. Once the levels are being set up to normal again, the metabolic and immune system will begin functioning again. Moreover, the skin, hair and nails will regenerate as the collagen it forms them will start rebuilding. The diatomaceous earth silica supplementation has helped get back on my feet.

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