The Different Types Of Hairbows For Girls

Posted October 4th, 2012 by melau

One of the special moments that a mother can have with her little girl is being able to dress that child up in beautiful clothes, and adorn her hair with unique hairbows for girls. It represents a series of stages that they go through together, from infant to toddler to young girl and on, each one represented by the adornments that are chosen together. Whenever a mom and daughter go shopping for these accessories, the ones that are chosen will have some unique attraction for them both, and each time it is worn, memories of its purchase will keep it unique for years to come.

Today, there are quite a few hairbows for girls to choose from. Some prefer the Korker bow, a favorite of toddlers because of its bright colors and bouncy ribbons. A Korker is essentially made up of anywhere from 20 to 40 individual strands of colored ribbon, curled and mounted all together onto a hair clip. Then, there are the boutique bows, those larger bows that can be worn plain, with dangling ribbons or personalized by attaching charms or gemstones to the central knot. This kind of bow has an appeal that extends to all ages. Lastly, there are the baby bows. The term baby refers to their size, which can range from the size of a large ring to the palm of the hand. Fashion tips for wearing these include stringing them on ribbon strands, or bunching them together to create a bouquet of color for the hair.

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