Use Of Networking Protocol Services To Send Files

Posted September 21st, 2012 by melau

People often wonder why they are not able to send large data files using email services. The reason behind this drawback is that email service provides allow only 20MB of data for uploading. However, we can easily send big sized files through some other alternatives. If you want to know more about such alternative, you can visit Some of those alternatives are web hosting service and networking protocols. These services are very easy to use.

Programs like FTP and SMTP uses networking protocol services. FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It has a very user-friendly interface similar to windows explorer. Additional functionality of drag and drag makes it easier to use. In order to use FTP a person must have FTP program installed in his computer. Though it is the most popular program for file transfer, it is considered less secure than other networking protocol programs.

You can also use web-hosting services to transfer large data files. The procedure to use web-hosting services is very easy. You just need to register on the website to enjoy its services. Website will provide you data storage facility up to 1GB or more. You can then save your large data file on the website. Once your data is saved on the website, it will give you a sharing link. This sharing link should be given to the receiver so that he can visit or download the file.

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