Driving a motor vehicle in the United States without auto insurance is not only unwise but illegal as well. All the states require some form of coverage, a few only request that a fee is paid to the state instead of having car insurance. While the other states mandate that liability coverage is the minimal amount of coverage needed to legally operate a vehicle. And while each states minimal amount of coverage varies they all have one thing in common. That car insurance is required to drive a motor vehicle. Failure to have the set amount of coverage required can result in traffic citations if pulled over by a police officer and even jail time. Although the minimal amount of coverage protects you against being charged for any laws broken, it would be in your best interest to have additional coverage. Among all the different types of coverage to choose from the two that would be most beneficial are Comprehensive and collision coverage. With comprehensive coverage your vehicle is covered for almost anything that happens to it outside of a car crash. And collision coverage protects any damage caused while operating the vehicle regardless of who is at fault for the accident. These are a few things to consider when looking for cheap car insurance rates to be certain youre getting the best deal.

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