Almost every garcinia cambogia review can verify the extract comes from a deciduous tree from native China and other parts of Europe. Its been used for thousands of years for many health benefits. Its considered a yang herb meaning that it moves toxins out and away from the body which helps many health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Yang herbs are normally anti-inflammatory as they pull out excess water and along with toxins. In this case the chemical compound Revesterol; found also in things like grapes and wine; works well to keep inflammation down in parts of the body. It helps such organs as the stomach; kidneys and cardiovascular system; effectively lowering cholesterol by keeping blood flow at top levels and plaque buildup from occurring. This is also explained in the garcinia cambogia reviews that you can find on Youtube and other major search engines. Revesterol has a unique property of being antimutagenic; meaning that it doesnt allow mutation of healthy cells into mutated ones and thus protects the body from the effects of possible cancers. This also works as an effective anti-aging product. People whove used garcinia cambogia for long periods of time have noted that they seem to have found this delicious fruit to contain many substances to promote long term health.

Other chemicals in garcinia cambogia are Anthocyanins. These active chemicals are found in not only the fruit but the leaves and stems as well. Scientists have found the colors of the fruit and plant are extremely beneficial to the body by alleviating external and internal stress. These chemicals from the class of flavonoids are considered anti-oxidants and help fight oxidation of individual cells; protecting them from free radicals which cause premature cell death.

Also because they contain 4 grams of plant protein a 1/3 cup serving; are considered a perfect food for helping to balance sugar in diabetics. These little gems of the fruit world also have a chemical called 1-deoxynojirimycin or DNJ which is found in the leaves of the plant. If taken in tea form can actually help absorption of sugars; effectively keeping blood sugar within normal range for those that struggle with this issue.

One of the garcinia cambogia reviews says it has long been considered a great health help in China and Europe for thousands of years but is just now becoming the darling of the health world in the west.

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