Thermoforming Plastic Process

Posted August 21st, 2013 by melau

In someways thermoforming is similar to another process called vacuum forming as the process is very alike. With the demand in products used in this process in demand there is huge development within this manufacturing process. Both heavy or thick gauge thermoforming and thin gauge is used in so many different products.

There are large amounts of products now being created by this manufacturing process, this method is used in just about every product we use on a daily basis.

If you are in the market for purchasing a machine to do your own thermoforming there are a wide selection of machines available on the market. There are many businesses that are successfully using this method of processing to create unique specialist prodcts in a wide range of sectors. Whatever product you are on the market for and looking to get produced then thermoforming certainly has to be a strong contender due to its durability as well as its cost effectiveness and the unique styles and designs that can be created by this method of plastic production.

Thermoforming has two major categories: thin and thick gauge thermoforming. This is dictated by the size of the sheet used. A sheet that is less than 1.5mm is referred to as the thin gauge and are introduced to the thermoforming plastic machine in form of rolls or they can come from a sheet extruder. A sheet of more than 3mm in thickness is the thick gauge and it has to be delivered into the thermoforming machine by use of hands. Both the thin and thick/heavy gauge use the same process of heating the plastic into a mold.

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