Physical Exercises And Health

Posted June 25th, 2013 by melau

Regular physical exercises can help in both physical and mental health. One should ideally have moderately intensive physical activities for at least half an hour on minimum of five days per week. At least a couple of sessions in a week for strengthening muscles are essential. It should be remembered that these activities for strengthening the muscles should not be scheduled on consecutive days. The use of a Bowflex treadclimber can greatly enhance the value of physical activities.

A physical exercise can be any activity that enhances the physical and mental well being of a person. It may consist of day to day activities like cycling, walking, housekeeping, gardening or any manual work. Activities carried out for pleasure like participation in sports or dancing are suitable to be considered as physical exercises. The activities carried out for fitness either in a gym or elsewhere, sports or swimming also may be classified as physical activities.

The adults have to carry out both aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises. People belonging to all age groups should avoid sitting idle during daytime. The kids should be encouraged to be active through play and activities. Those in the preschool stage must be active for a minimum of three hours during the daytime. The elder children must have moderately or intensive physical activities for a minimum of an hour every day.

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