Why you should take Criminal Law

Posted May 19th, 2013 by melau

In the realm of the legal profession no field has more prestige and monetary rewards than the specialty of criminal law. If you are a newly graduated attorney Shakopee MN that has passed the bar examination and you are good with your investigative, negotiation and argumentative skills then criminal law may just be the right specialty of law for you. Here are some reasons why you should pick this one.

What does a criminal lawyer do exactly? They are the legal professionals that devote time, talent and energy in either defending or prosecuting clients from crimes that were allegedly committed against society or the state. All individuals are equal in the eyes of the law, and all suspects are considered innocent until they are proven guilty of a crime. Some of the duties that a typical criminal lawyer does is interviewing witnesses, preparing them to take the witness stand, gathering evidence to help acquit a client of a crime, plea bargaining with the court, preparation of the defendant for his or her trial as well as helping select the members of the jury.

When you become a criminal lawyer you can either work for the state as a prosecutor or work as a private attorney defending those that were accused of crimes. Both sides have their inherent advantages. If you were to work for the government as a prosecutor you will have at your disposal the full power and backing of the state in order to help you prosecute criminals. Monetarily speaking the pay is not as good as when you are in the private sector but the opportunities for higher position are numerous. As a prosecutor you can be elected to become a district attorney, a federal judge or a member of the Supreme Court.

If you choose to practice as a private criminal attorney Shakopee Minnesota , your clientele will pay you huge amounts of money for your skills in helping them get acquitted of a crime. You can even parlay your experience in the private sector by writing books about your cases, which can be sold for movie rights. The choice of which side you want to pursue entirely depends on your motivations and goals.

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