Automobiles And Noise Pollution

Posted May 7th, 2013 by melau

One can easily associate automobiles with noise pollution as no vehicle can work without producing noise and disturbing all the living creatures. Noise pollution is a kind of pollution that exceeds the normal decibels of sound to be produced and is caused by excessive noise. It poses dangers to humanity in many different ways. Automobiles are one of the chief sources of noise pollution. They produce noise when their tires run on the roads or when some of the part is not properly working or even when they blow the ear-shattering horns. To get any part like wheels, tires, lights, etc, one may surf through the website of tire rack which keeps a good collection of vehicle accessories. Their experts can also advise you about the way how you can tackle noise pollution and keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

Noise pollution from automobiles can lead to many short-term as well as long-term health hazards. One of the very prevalent threats posed by it is hearing problems that range from a person having tinnitus to permanent loss of hearing capacity. Not just hearing problems, noise pollution can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems, sleeplessness, prolonged stress and irritation and lack of concentration.

Noise pollution just does not affect the human beings but also birds and animals very negatively like disturbing their hearing abilities. Thus, noise pollution must be controlled as much as possible for the people to lead a healthy life.

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