Rhinestones – Women’s Second Best Friend

Posted March 17th, 2013 by melau

It is said the diamonds are a woman’s best friend. But in the modern scenario when it is hard for one to get even bread and butter right, it seems quite impossible to have the real diamonds. With ever new changing modernization. The world has discovered new and economical ways to fulfill the needs. Rhinestones are the best available replacement for the diamonds.

Rhinestones are basically diamond’s simulation, made from rock glass and crystals it gives as great look as a real diamond. Originally these rocks and crystals were gathered from the river Rhine, with passage of time an increasing demand for bulk rhinestones, until the 18th century when European jeweler came up with the idea of coating the glass with the metallic coating to make it shinier and look more like a shining diamond.

This idea came out with so impressive results that the ended up product was taken hand to hand all over the world. People had found an easy replacement for expensive diamond with vast range of colors and all shapes and sizes. The demand of bulk rhinestones was so high that they had started to be produced on mass scale and they made their own quite an impressive market.

Imitation of a diamond is not just the only quality of a rhinestone. They also have their own shining ability that make them beautiful to be used in any sort of jewelry.

In the modern world the demand for bulk rhinestones remains the same, people use them either to make jewelry or for any other purpose to make things even more beautiful and representable. There are a lot of professional dealers working in this field and providing bulk rhinestones to meet the demand all over the world. You can either get them form any of online dealers or by any other source that you like.

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