Procedures Involved In Singapore Property Investment

Posted February 25th, 2013 by melau

After you have made the final decision about your Singapore property investment, your first step would be to purchase the agreement form. There are broadly two ways of investing on a property in Singapore. One is a freehold tenure and the other is a leasehold tenure. The freehold would allow the owner to capture the property indefinitely. The leasehold as the title says would allow the buyer the possession of the property until the lease period.

After having decided on the appropriate option, you will have to pay 1% of the purchase price to the seller immediately. You would then be granted 14 days to take it up further. In this period you would have to sign on the option to purchase and return the same to seller once the lease gets over. This would be accompanied with a 4-5% of the purchase price that would have been agreed upon earlier.

Your next step in Singapore property investment would be to prepare the purchase agreement. The entire process might take about 3-4 months within which all the required fees will have to be paid.

After receiving the certificate of issue, your purchase will be termed complete. If you have taken loan from the bank, this certificate would be held under the bank. A 10% property tax would be levied on your purchase which you also must keep in mind.

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