LED bulbs and Lighting technology

Posted February 24th, 2013 by melau

LED bulbs are a revolution in lighting. They provide a clear and bright light and also last for decades together. The most important aspect of LED bulbs is they help in saving of electricity bill by up to 80-90%. There may be consumers who may be disappointed that though their bulbs are so called energy efficient but are not clear and bright. This is because the bulb is not of LED; they may be made of CFL lighting.

The biggest benefit of LED is cost benefit. These bulbs are more efficient than the conventional bulbs with more than 70% savings in energy.

This is the same reason why worldwide government is planning to remove the inefficient bulbs in a phased manner and replace with LED lighting. The other big benefit is that the LED bulbs do not have mercury. As everyone knows mercury posses health hazards at school, hospitals and homes. LED bulbs do not require fluoresce to emit light therefore there is no mercury content in it.

There are many options for consumers to choose for their LED Home Lights like GU10 bulbs, MR 16 bulbs, Candle LED, GLS traditional, Par spotlights, Candle LED, AR111 LED, G4 capsule and golf ball LED.
Now go and choose from these arrays of lights to make your home look better in an efficient way.

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