Helpless woman? Or unlucky attacker?

Posted August 18th, 2012 by melau

It has become more important than ever for women to be able to defend themselves. As a student at the local university, I receive e-mails from the campus police frequently about people who are on campus and have been assaulted or robbed by attackers. Sometimes these attackers don’t even wait for evening hours or deserted places, but will attack in broad daylight. Because of this, women should know basic self-defense and should be able to utilize tools that can aid in simple defense. As a new Mom, I have made a goal for my daughter that she is going to start self-defense training of some sort as soon as she reaches school age. However, this is not a practical option for all women. There are some useful tools that women can take advantage of and if nothing else can help put their mind at ease. One type of useful tool that women can use are keychain items. These are small objects that can easily be taken anywhere and attached to a keychain, but will be effective against attackers. An example of a keychain item would be a small can of pepper spray. Another example is the comtech stinger 2. These items are small, inexpensive, and simple ways to increase the amount of protection a woman has.

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