How To Determine the Amount of Bail

Posted January 13th, 2013 by melau

Nothing could ever be so traumatic and emotionally heart-breaking, not to mention stressful than bailing someone out of prison. Dealing with the entire legal process of bail is indeed a menacing process.
If a loved one suddenly calls you and asks for your help to bail him or her out of bail, the first thing that you have to do is determine the amount of bail.

You must make a call to the prison or jail that your loved one is being held with. The court provides them the information about the amount of bail once the judge has decided what to impose depending on the criminal offense that your loved one has committed. If the prison officials do not know the amount of bail yet, ask for the number of the courthouse so you can ask the county clerk. Make sure that you have the information about your loved one because you will be asked to provide his or her full name, date of birth, date of the crime, criminal offense and many others.

Now, when you have determined the amount of bail needed for the release of your loved one, you can post for bail if you have ample financial resources directly to the county clerk. The full bail amount has to be deposited to the court. However, you do not need to worry because you will get your money back as long as your loved one shows up on his or her court hearings until his or her case has completed.

If you do not want to pay cash for the bail bond, you can opt for the services of bail bonds in Cincinnati. A bail bondsman Cincinnati agent is a person that can take responsibility of posting bail for your loved one with the same conditions that he or she will appear and attend the scheduled dates of his or her court trial. Even if you do not know the amount of bail yet, if you call for the services of a bail bonds man, he will contact the court to obtain the information. The bail bonds man will do everything for you so your loved one can be released in as little time as possible. You only need to pay the bail bonds man a percentage of the full bail amount for his services.

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