Holiday Shopping For My Canine Companion

Posted December 29th, 2012 by melau

I have recently been spending some time in my area pet retail stores in an effort to find some unique and fun gifts for the four-legged members of my family. I have purchased a fair amount of Dingo’s Dog Treats in the past, as these are my dogs’ favorite treat. There is something that they really love about this particular brand, and no other seems to garner the same response. After doing some research on yahoo answers, I found the online pricing for these products to be the most reasonable, with some incentives offered depending on the amount of the order. I was quite impressed with the new products that Dingo is offering- many of which, I found easily on the large retailer’s shelves as well as through the online sources. There were some really cute seasonal items- such as the candy cane rawhide twists- as well as some interesting new filling options. My dogs are most fond of the original, chicken enhanced, Dingo. I worry that my small dog has developed a bit of an intolerance to chicken, so I have been looking for a Dingo variation that does not have chicken listed as a primary ingredient. I have tried with little success to get her interested in pork ears as an alternative but she really loves Dingo above all else! Any suggestions from fellow dog owners would be greatly appreciated!

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