Puppies do not only have short attention span, they do not have full control of their bladder as well. Thus explains why housebreaking a puppy is one of the most challenging tasks a dog owner may face. But that fact shouldn’t discourage you from housebreaking your pup, or worse, from ever owning a dog. You can get your JRT to potty properly through Jack Russell training.

As soon as you brought home your new pup, socialize him properly and get him used to using a crate since that equipment can be very beneficial during training. Dogs are animals with natural instinct to keep their sleeping areas clean thus if you get him to understand that the crate is his sleeping area, he surely won’t soil the crate if he can avoid it therefore helping him to develop regular potty schedule.

To housebreak your puppy using a crate, take him out of the crate every hour or so to do his business. Each time he successfully poos or pees in the area you designated, reward him with treats or lots of praise to let him know that you are pleased with what he did. Doing the process on regular basis will surely help improve his potty habits. You may need to take him out less frequently as he grows old.

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