My View On Bail Bonds

Posted November 29th, 2012 by melau

I work for a local court as an admin staff for the attorneys and the judges. Over the last year that I have been in service, I noticed that a whole lot of clients are availing of the bail bonds option, which in simple terms is having a guarantor to pay up a portion of their bail, and then that guarantor will be putting up a collateral for the court as a safety that he ensures the defendant, while on trial or hearing, does not do anything stupid and attends all these hearings.

I have seen over these many months a number of properties and items like cars and valuables being acquired by the court since a lot of these defendants fail to honor the terms with the guarantor. It is sad to see such trust for bail bonds broken, but then again, there are also good stories abound where trust is really maintained as the defendant owes his freedom to the guarantor. In cases like this, when I process the papers for release of the defendant if he is proven not guilty, I really go out of my way to congratulate both defendant and his bail bonder since there is mutual trust between them and it has reached that good result in the end.

I am up for bail bonding as I know a lot of these people are not financially capable of funding their own bail or some are even innocent of the crimes they are arrested for, but I sure am wishing that all of these bonds are also honored by the defendant as it is a heavy thing to the conscience if you betray that trust. Karma will find its way to you if you happen to break the terms of the bail bonds given to you.

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