What Is So Special About Glass Pool Fencing?

Posted November 27th, 2012 by melau

When it comes to protection for your swimming pool, there are a number of options from which to choose. Traditional wood and metal fences have been doing the job for many years, but there is another product available that does the same job as well, if not better, and is much more attractive as well. Among pool owners today, glass pool fencing is the product of choice for its dependability, long life and beauty.

Wood and metal fences have certain limitations that make them less desired as swimming pool protection. Because of the nature of these materials, the fencing creates an obstruction in the middle of the property. It ruins any view you may have and it makes a smaller property seem quite crowded.

Maintenance becomes a big issue with wood and metal because the paint fades, rot or rust set in and the fence can begin to chip, pieces may split off or it may get bent out of shape. Repair and repainting are time consuming and can become expensive over time and the like-new appearance does not last very long.

Unlike these products, glass pool fencing is surprisingly durable, stable and virtually maintenance free. The glass panels as well as the marine grade hardware used to install the fence are high quality Australian made materials and last for many years of rigorous use and poor weather conditions. The safety glass is designed to crumble in uniform pieces if there should be a break so that injuries are minimized.

There is also tremendous versatility with the glass used for pool fencing. You have the option of tinting or frosting the glass, having a design etched into the panels and even the amount of framing you want around each glass panel. All of these choices enable you to create a unique fence that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

With the recent reduction in glass pool fencing prices and the savings on maintenance over time, your new fence can be not only beautiful but a tremendous value for the cost. That is especially true when you consider the value that is added to your property. Beauty and a bargain are what make glass pool fences so special.

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