Beard And Wig Sets Are Important Parts Of A Santa Suit

Posted November 21st, 2012 by melau

Visiting pretend Santas is a part of yearly Christmas traditions in many parts of the world. The image of a plump and cheerful gift giver dressed up in red and white-colored fur suit always produces wide smiles on the faces of children and adults alike. In fact, Santa Claus can be considered as the most beloved Christmas character of all time and as it is, Santa suits are quite in demand in the market during the yuletide season.

Santa costumes have evolved over the years and now, there are various designs and styles of suits that people of all ages could choose from. There are affordable and simple versions of economical Santa suits which are appropriate for those with tight budget, but there are also ones which have professional quality designs that could be pricey but definitely beautiful because of the cloth material. Accessories such as hats, gloves, boots, bells and bags also complement the wonderful ensemble of typical Santa suits. But of course, Santa costumes will not be complete without the beard and wig sets.

Just like the suits, the designs of Santa beard and wig sets also range from simple and economical ones to the more durable and washable types. The cheapest is the economy set which is not washable and may be used for only six times.

Then there is also the professional beard and wig set which has strong and washable fibers designed to endure significant wear. For those who want to have a more realistic style, the deluxe beard and wig set might be their best choice. However, the most expensive is the authentic beard and wig set since it is the style that closely resembles Santas own beard and tresses. It is silky and has a natural color. On the other hand, the Saint Nicholas beard and wig set has distinctive wavy fiber patterns.

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