Using The Fake Doctors Note, Is It Legal?

Posted November 16th, 2012 by melau

Everyone knows that it is morally wrong to submit a fake doctors note to an employer or school authorities, but these notes are used extensively to get a few days off. When someone uses a fake doctors note and gets away with it, he gets confident and does not hesitate to use it again and again. When used for the first time, employers may not check on its authenticity but may let it pass. But using it too often to take time off from school or work can make authorities suspicious and that is when they may verify to see if the doctors note is genuine, Many employers find these notes to be a rampant problem, especially when several employers take time off on the same days. Employers should ensure that their employees understand the penalties they will face if caught using the fake doctors note. Several companies have a policy on paying bonuses, giving perks and promotions based on an employees attendance, This has caused the wide spread use of the fake doctors note as the employee using the fake note will not suffer a pay cut. There is a limit to the number of unexcused days an employee can take off, and when this limit is exceeded the employee can be terminated from his job.

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